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Are you looking for a youthful look and want to know more about a SOOF lift?

SOOF lift surgery is a little different from other types of blepharoplasty or lower eyelid surgery. The signs of aging around the eyes are the formation of crow’s feet. These are caused by the sinking of small fatdeposits under the eyelids, called suborbicularis oculi fat (or SOOF). These deposits sink into the upper part of the cheeks at the facial layer, which is responsible for keeping it in position, this finally loosens.

As a result, the eyes look wider than usual,and small swollen areas develop beneath them. If you want to see how a SOOF Lift can help you, read on,and you will find all the answers.

Why plastic surgeons in Charlotte NC perform SOOF Lifts

Several procedures are tried to correct these problems, and in one of them, open blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid. The plastic surgeon will make incisions under the lashes of the lower eyelid. Once this is done, he will lift the skin and muscles to access the fat before extracting it. This takes care of puffiness and wrinkles, but as there is the absence of the SOOF, it delivers a hollow looking lower eyelid and tear duct.

The SOOF may have another fat deposit removed from an alternative part of the body, but this does not always work as intended. This may leave the need for additional recovery surgery immediately.

Why SOOF lift surgery is better for patients

In the SOOF lifting surgery; which was developed in Charlotte NC. The facial plastic surgeon lifts the original suborbicularis oculi fat deposit to its position and tightens the facial layers to stay there. This requires muchhigherskill but will create a more natural appearance. To make things better, the chances of success are much higher.

Dr. Freeman has double board certification and is at the forefront of performing SOOF lift surgery procedures. If someone has the best chance of success, then he has to be Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

When is the best time to perform SOOF lift surgery?

Facial plastic surgery procedures such as SOOF lifts are best performed during the winter months. There is less tendency to venture outside,and it is easier to keep the incision areas out of the sun. This reduces the risk of excessive exposure to the sun, which can cause scar tissue to be seen.

Recovery periods for SOOF elevation surgery are one to two weeks. Stitchesare removed after the first five days. But as Dr. Freeman will explain explicitly in his initial consultation, a patient should not smoke or drink during the periods recommended before or after surgery.

So, you want a SOOF lift in Charlotte NC?

Dr. Freeman is the doctor who developed the SOOF lift procedure as an alternative. Since 1988, he has performed only facial plastic surgery, including eyelid surgery, and is the best person any patient can see.

If you want to continue with SOOF lift surgery, you can contact Dr. Freeman,and he will be happy to explain everything about your SOOF surgical procedure during your initial consultation.