Soof lift blepharoplasty in Charlotte, NC, is not a common procedure. Many people are very unfamiliar with the procedure. Soof lift blepharoplasty is simply a plastic surgery performed on the eyelid; the main aim of the surgery is to give your eyes a youthful look. If your eyes are looking old and aging that it is supposed to be, you should consider soof lift blepharoplasty. The surgery may entail removing excess skin from the upper eyelid or removing fat and sagginess from the lower eyelid, otherwise known as soof. Although, in recent times, the category and age range of people who demand soof lift blepharoplasty is enough to consider it a cosmetic surgery, however, several aged people can also sort the procedure for health-related reasons. For example, it is not so uncommon that saggy and droopy eyelids can result in dimmed or blocked vision in aged people, a soof lift blepharoplasty would help to render that effect appropriately.

What is done during a soof lift blepharoplasty?

The procedure will take up to two hours if your case demands that both the upper and lower eyelids be operated. For upper eyelids, to make the scarring effect very minimal and unobvious, Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon makes the incision and the natural linings of your upper eye lit. Doing so will make the scars hidden with the folds of the upper eye lift when the recovery is complete. For the soof lift blepharoplasty, that is the lower eyelid, there are several ways to go about it to ensure that the process leaves very minimal scars. The processes are best known to the doctor in Charlotte, NC. If you are curious about how it will be done, please ask him and let it be known to you during your consultations before the major surgery.

The surgery is one that will pay off for you in the long run. If done on the lower eyelid, the effect of the procedure has been proven to have permanent effects. You may not need to come back for the procedure again. However, if on the upper lids, it could last for about five to seven years before any redo because it does not stop the aging process.

Getting the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC

In Charlotte, NC, it will be best for you to meet the surgery’s original creator for the best experience. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to find which the best procedure for you is and how to proceed.