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Have you had rhinoplasty surgery and are wondering how to get a good night’s sleep?

Sleeping after rhinoplasty can be difficult for some people in Charlotte NC for a few reasons. One of the things a top rhinoplasty surgeon will tell any patient is how crucial plenty of good quality sleep is for recovery. Even if a nose job has been a quick procedure, the body needs to put in some overtime to recover quickly.

In the few days after surgery, you might feel fatigued, but if you still can’t sleep, read on and see if the following pointers can help you.

Why sleep is vital after rhinoplasty surgery

The body works hard to keep up a healthy immune system and to deliver a fast recovery, and when you sleep, the body can dedicate additional blood flow to the areas of muscle and tissue where you had plastic surgery. This blood flow delivers vital nutrients and oxygen that will aid in the healing process.

Additionally, sleep can play a significant role in the body’s response to pain, and the more rest you have, the less pain you will feel.

Dr. Freeman who is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon advises all his patients try to have 8 hours sleep as a minimum after surgery. This should be coupled with a nap here and there throughout the day.

What are good sleeping positions after Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgery?

He recommends patients sleep on their back after rhinoplasty or any other facial plastic surgery. The reason being, the nose will be tender and delicate. Not only can it be painful, but it can also compromise the best results of the surgery.

Dr. Freeman also says sleeping after rhinoplasty should be done with the head raised as this reduces chances of any fluid building up, and helps with good circulation. One final thing is to sleep alone for a while to avoid the risk of any accidents.

I am not a natural back sleeper

Not all people in Charlotte NC are used to sleeping on their backs. Because of this, it is advisable to prepare well before any facial plastic surgery or a nose job. Switching sleeping positions will feel unnatural and does take lots of practice, but doing this will make you feel more comfortable after surgery.

One way to do this is to sleep with pillows under each arm, or under your knees to prevent you from rolling over. But, if you find yourself rolling onto your side, you need the determination to make yourself roll onto your back again.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon has one final tip

You can carry on sleeping after rhinoplasty surgery in any position you wish after you have healed. However, Dr. Freeman recommends to continue sleeping on your back because it helps reduce back pain, but that isn’t his final tip.

If you want to find out what his final tip is, or you wish to know more about rhinoplasty surgery and how sleep can help with recovery. You can contact Dr. Freeman, and he will be more than happy to set up a consultation and tell you all you need to know about his nose job procedure, and a healthy recovery.