Dr. Sean Freeman, a Charlotte facelift surgeon, develops the “SignatureLift” for people who want a rejuvenated appearance with minimal recovery time.

Charlotte, North Carolina (April 2011) – Charlotte facelift surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman of The Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery has developed an innovative procedure called a “SignatureLift” that can help men and women look years younger with minimal downtime.

A SignatureLift can be beneficial for men and women who want to tighten sagging, loose skin in the neck and jowl area, or who want to revive a tired appearance. In contrast to the downtime for a traditional face lift, which can range between 10 days to a few weeks, a SignatureLift allows patients to return to work within a couple of days. The procedure produces less bruising and swelling than a facelift and does not require general anesthesia.

“Today, people don’t have a lot of free time,” comments Dr. Freeman. “With this approach, my patients often come in on a Friday and can return to work by Monday.”

Another advantage of the SignatureLift is the price. This rejuvenating procedure is less expensive than some other options, such as a traditional facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery. However, Dr. Freeman notes that price is not the only factor in determining which plastic surgery procedure is right for you.

“A SignatureLift is a great option for individuals who want more subtle enhancements, but it’s not for everyone,” Dr. Freeman says. “Individuals who want more complete improvements should consider a ‘deep plane’ lift, which can offer a natural, longer-lasting facial rejuvenation. I’m one of the few surgeons nationwide who has mastered this approach.”

“There are many options to refresh a tired appearance and soften the signs of aging,” Dr. Freeman says. “Which treatment is right for you depends on your aesthetic preferences, skin quality, financial situation, and personal goals. All of these considerations can be discussed with your surgeon during your initial consultation.”

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