Why do some pictures look different?

Facelift before and after pictures can help many individuals make up their minds whether or not to select a particular plastic surgeon or any one of the many procedures. What many people don’t understand is that there is more to these pictures than they think.

There are plenty of things to check, such as lighting, poses, and simplicity of the image.

You can only believe what you see. It happens that not all pictures are accurately honest.  Learn what to look for when studying facelift before and after photos, to be sure you’re seeing the best results from your facial plastic surgeon.

Charlotte, NC facial plastic surgeon’s facelift pictures have no symmetry

It is rare for anyone to have a 100% symmetrical face. Yet, one of the first warning signs that you see false facelift before and after pics is a lack of symmetry. You can see after pictures lose the slight balance as the before picture where no facial plastic surgery has been performed. Eyes can appear higher than the other or one nostril is narrower than the other is.

It doesn’t mean the person is walking around with a poor facelift; it tends to lean toward retouched pictures. Use your discretion if you spot asymmetry in the photos. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. His results speak for themselves, and he never relies on edited pictures to show his skill.

Facelift before and after photos have a different pose and lighting

Genuine before and after photos all have identical lighting. Once brightness varies and can appear lighter or darker. Alternatively, if it is shining from a diverse perspective. There can be something; the facial surgeon is attempting to cover up.  The most trustworthy facelift plastic surgeons in Charlotte, NC, work hard to ensure their lighting is identical for every patient.

When looking at before and after photographs, make sure the patient is posing in the same way and position. In facial photos, the model must hold the same position. This will be staring at the front without tipping their head.

Finding Charlotte, NC plastic surgeons before and after pictures

A facelift before and after photos must be straightforward. If you notice the images are taken from varying perspectives, and the lighting is much different, this means there is possibly a pro photographer employed to acquire a better aspect.

To be positive, you have Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon on your side, contact Dr. Freeman of Only Faces. He can consult with you over the phone, and he can advise when the best time he may be able to have a face-to-face consultation, yet it is possible to check out all his facelift before and after pictures on the Only Faces website.