Patient 4096The most common reasons for a nose job

Rhinoplasty motivators can lead individuals to want a nose job. This is one of the more common facial plastic surgery procedures performed. It is performed by skilled rhinoplasty surgeons such as Dr. Freeman, and further afield in the United States and most other countries around the world.

Statistics show more people decide to have rhinoplasty every year, but, very few genuinely understand the motivators behind it. Do you know why people have nose jobs? Here are the standard three.

People think they have imperfections

The most common reason why people go through rhinoplasty surgery is their own superficial flaws. When they peek in the mirror, they observe something they don’t like, it can be a nose that appears too large, or it looks too narrow. They may think the shape doesn’t fit their face. There may even be a lump on the bridge that they wish wasn’t there.

This can dramatically affect self-esteem. This is in people who have been made fun of in the past because of their appearance. When this is the case, people often consult plastic surgeons such as double board-certified Dr. Freeman to learn about their options.

Rhinoplasty motivators include previous Injuries

In most cases, people live most of their life with a reasonably flawless nose, and then they happen to experience a traumatic injury. From this, they can suffer from a lack of self-esteem due to changes in their appearance.

Vehicle accidents in Charlotte NC and other accidents may lead to broken noses, these can heal, but the nose takes on a new shape totally. Even once a nose heals, it may still have a bump because of bone growth as the nose was healing, or it can become crooked as it heals without being set correctly.

Rhinoplasty surgery is the only way to resolve these imperfections. Plastic surgeons can shave down the bone and deliver a smoother appearance. In some cases, they may need to re-break the bone and set it correctly so the bone can grow back straighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Charlotte NC celebrity status

While not as common as the others, some individuals use this celebrity status as rhinoplasty motivators where they then consult with their surgeons, and wanting to appear like their favorite celebrity. Regardless, of who these people want to look like, they still see this as inspiration to undergo this kind of surgery.

People get these nose jobs every single day for personal reasons. The good news is that Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon has perfected his techniques and created some of the most beautiful and natural-looking noses.

Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon does rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC

If you fit into any of the above, or you have any other rhinoplasty motivators of your own, then you can easily find out what your best options are.Dr. Freeman is readily available for consultations, so contact his office, and he will explain what the best nose job procedure for the problem you have is.