Scars have a big impact on the way people look 

Scar removal is a common desire for many Charlotte, NC residents. Scars can have a significant effect on the way people look, which can leave those who have large scars in prominent places feeling self conscious. No matter how you got your scar, from an accident or a poorly healed incision from a previous surgery, scar removal seems like the perfect solution to remove the problem. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove a scar, but there are ways to diminish its appearance or move the scar to a different location. 

One option for patients is a surgical procedure to create a new scar 

One of the more well known procedures for scar removal is having it surgically done. For this, the doctor will make an incision in a zigzag or unique pattern. This leaves a new scar that will mask the other one, and the pattern of the incision will blend into the face more. The doctor can also move the scar so the new one is in a different, less visible place. This procedure is not an option for everyone, it works best for people with long, prominent scars.  

Patients who have their scar diminished surgically will not be able to see their results right away. Like all incisions, the area will need to heal before patients can see the results. Following surgery patients may experience some pain and discoloration, but it fades within a week or two. It will take a few months for the area to fully heal and for patients to see their results.   

There are other non-surgical options for scar removal as well 

Again, though most people want their scar removed, doctors will only be able to diminish it. If you have a scar you want to be diminished, but don’t qualify for, or don’t want to commit to, the surgery there are a few other options that may help. Your doctor will be able to advise what procedure will best help you meet your goals.  

Laser treatments are a way for patients whose scars have a red discoloration to get that corrected, which can often make the scar less visible. Laser resurfacing can help with fine scars and other issues. There are also some creams that can help reduce the appearance of scars. Be sure to note most of these are not permanent fixes so repeat treatments may be required. Be sure to speak with your doctor when planning any of these treatments.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC residents who have scars they don’t feel confident with and want scar removal should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and brings years of experience to every procedure he preforms. Be sure to contact his office today to schedule your consultation and see which procedure would work best for you.