Scar removal cost is one of the first things patients want to know 

Scar removal cost is often the first concern for Charlotte, NC patients considering a scar removal treatment. Along with choosing a doctor, determining how a patient will pay for the procedure are often the two first things patients start planning. Unfortunately, there is no set cost for scar removal as it depends on many different factors, including finding the best doctor. 

Finding the best surgeon can impact the cost of the treatment 

The doctor you choose can have an impact on the amount you will need to pay out of pocket. First, you don’t want to have to pay for the procedure more than once, so choosing an experienced provider can help ensure you get the results you want the first time. Second, the materials available in your doctor’s region can impact the cost as well.  

The type of procedure affects the scar removal cost 

There are many different procedures and treatment options available to help diminish the appearance of scars for patients, surgical options and non-surgical options alike. The type of treatment you undergo will impact the scar removal cost.   

Scar revision is a surgical option to help treat scars. In this procedure, the doctor creates a new scar to cover up the old one. The new scar is made via an irregular incision that will blend in with skin more as it heals. The location of the scar can also be moved slightly so it is in an area that is easier to cover it up with hair or makeup. Scar revision can also be used to treat other issues as well.  

Nonsurgical options are often used to treat finer scars but often have results that are not permanent. Laser treatments, creams, and injections are all nonsurgical options to help reduce the appearance of scars.  

Your surgeon will be able to give you a cost estimate following a consultation 

With the many factors that go into determining scar removal cost, it is impossible to guess what you will spend on your procedure. Following a consultation, your surgeon will be able to give you a cost estimate as the type of treatment will be determined then.   

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

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