Patients with a saggy neck may choose to undergo neck lift surgery 

Saggy neck is one of the many signs of aging a neck lift procedure can treat in Charlotte, NC patients. Many patients may have the surgery to help correct signs of aging on the lower face and neck such as a saggy neck, excess fat deposits, and jowls on the lower face. Patients who have a neck lift often wish to have these issues corrected and come out with a more contoured, smoother neck that looks natural.  

The surgeon will decide incision points following an examination 

At your initial consultation, your surgeon will evaluate the skin on your neck. They will look at factors such as skin elasticity, thickness, and texture to choose the best incision points. They typically make an incision in the contour of the ear that extends around the earlobe and into the hairline. Since the incisions are made carefully, any scarring that occurs can often be hidden by hair or makeup once healed.  

Once the doctor makes the incisions, they will get to work removing the saggy neck. To do this, the surgeon will alter weakened neck muscles and remove any excess skin. The doctor may also make a small incision under the chin to liposuction any additional fat deposits. This will help lift the skin on the neck back to its proper place, removing any jowls that have formed and eliminating saggy neck issues. 

It is important to follow doctor’s orders carefully during recovery 

It is very important to follow doctor’s orders carefully following your surgery to correct saggy neck to ensure a smooth recovery. The neck and lower face will be bandaged following surgery, and the doctor may even need to insert drainage tubes around the area. The doctor will go over how to care for the area before the surgery.  

Most patients will return to work within ten to 14 days after the surgery. However, it can sometimes take up to six weeks for patients to feel confident going to big events as the area can sometimes take the full six weeks to heal completely. Patients will also need to elevate the head after surgery and avoid twisting the head and bending the neck a lot for a while.  

Be sure to discuss your goals with your surgeon before surgery 

Patients should be sure to discuss all their goals with their surgeon before undergoing a neck lift procedure. Be sure to let them know what specifically you want to accomplish, whether it be removing jowls or a saggy neck. If you are planning on losing weight and maintain that new weight, let the doctor know as it can impact the surgery.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC patients do not have to live with a saggy neck. Neck lifts can help remove the extra skin and give patients a smoother neck. If you are considering the procedure, be sure to contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.