People undergo rhinoplasty for many reasons
Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a popular procedure for Charlotte, NC men and women. But, not everyone decides to have rhinoplasty for the same reason. Though many people have it for cosmetic reasons, such as making the nose smaller or removing a bump in the bridge of the nose, some people undergo nose surgery for medical reasons. A deviated septum can impact people’s health and breathing, and rhinoplasty can help improve or eliminate those issues.

Rhinoplasty involves incisions made inside the nose
As with any surgery, patients who are considering rhinoplasty want to know how it works and if there will be visible scars afterward.

When you undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, your doctor will make small incisions inside the nose. If they need more room or are working on certain areas of the nose, they may make additional incisions in the skin between the nostrils. Once the incision is made, your surgeon will get to work creating a nose you love. To do this, your doctor will manipulate the bone and cartilage to reshape the nose.

You’ll see swelling and bruising immediately after surgery
Once your rhinoplasty is finished, it’s time to focus on recovery. Though you’ll be excited to see your results right after surgery, it will take a while before you see the finished product. After surgery, you will see bruising and swelling in the nose and around the face. This typically subsides within a week or two. You’ll want to elevate your head on pillows to help relieve swelling.

It is important not to jar or disturb the nose while it is healing. Stay inside and avoid allergens that may cause you to sneeze for a while after surgery. You’ll also want to be sure you avoid bumping your nose while doing daily activities. When you put a shirt on or off, it’s easy to hit your nose. Consider wearing button up clothing while your nose heals. You should also be cautious when putting on glasses or makeup while you heal.

Insurance typically does not cover rhinoplasty
Insurance does not usually cover rhinoplasty when it’s done for cosmetic reasons, meaning you’ll need to pay out of pocket. However, when done for a medical reason, insurance may cover some of the cost. Be sure to contact your insurance provider before surgery to confirm what is and is not covered.

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