Finding the best surgeon, is the first, most important step in your nose job journey

Rhinoplasty surgeon is one of the first things Charlotte, NC residents look for once they’ve decided to have a nose job. And along with being the first step most people take, it is often the most important. A rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a big surgery. Your results can will make a big impact on your appearance and can drastically improve, or harm, your self esteem. 

So, what should you look for in a rhinoplasty surgeon? And how will you know if you’ve found the right one? Below, we offer some tips to help you get started. 

Ask for recommendations, and read reviews

To start your search for a rhinoplasty surgeon, you’ll need to create a list of surgeons in your area. There are a couple ways you can start gathering names; a simple online search, asking for suggestions, and a recommendation from another doctor. A simple online search will probably turn up a large list of options, jot some down that are close to investigate later. Next, ask friends or family members if they know of a rhinoplasty surgeon they’d recommend, or one they don’t recommend. And lastly, if you’re having surgery for a medical reason, your general practitioner doctor may be able to recommend some surgeons to you. 

Next, you’ll need to start your research. Look at the doctor’s credentials and see if they have their degree and are licensed. You should also check to see if the doctor is board certified as this indicates additional training in their specialty. It’s also a good idea to look at their clinic. Check how long they’ve been in business and if there are other doctors in the practice with them, and what their background is as well. 

Third, look at the results other people have gotten. By looking at before and after photos, you can determine if you like the results they give other people, because your results will probably look similar. If you don’t like the results others have gotten, keep looking.

Lastly, meet them and tour their facility. It’s important that you feel comfortable both with the doctor and their staff. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to discuss your goals with your rhinoplasty surgeon, keep looking for one that fits your needs better. 

Rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC residents who are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon should consider using Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and has focused his practice exclusively on the specialty since 1988. He is also double board certified and is a highly sought after speaker and lecturer. Contact his office today to schedule a consultation and see how he can help you meet your goals.