Rhinoplasty revision requires a skilled surgeon
Rhinoplasty revision is an option for Charlotte, NC residents who had a nose job and aren’t happy with their results. This procedure requires an experienced, and highly skilled, surgeon as the nose is more fragile since a nose surgery has already been performed. Finding the best rhinoplasty revision surgeon to perform it can be difficult, but is an important person to find.

A good nose job can help you feel more confident
The majority of people have a rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic reasons such as to correct a perceived flaw of the nose. And since the nose sits centrally in your face, it can play a big part in determining how you look. Following rhinoplasty, you hope to be happier with your appearance and improve your self esteem, which is why it can be so devastating when you don’t end up with the results you wanted.

Having rhinoplasty results you don’t like can actually make your self esteem take an even bigger hit. Dr. Sean Freeman, the most experienced facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, advises patients to wait at least a year before having a rhinoplasty revision. This gives your nose time to heal properly and improves the chances of a successful second surgery.

Be sure to look for a doctor who has performed this procedure before
When you prepare for a rhinoplasty revision, you want to ensure this surgery turns out better than the previous one. To do that, be sure to look for a surgeon who is not just experienced in performing rhinoplasties, but in performing rhinoplasty revisions.

Dr. Sean Freeman has vast experience performing this procedure and helping patients feel more confident after their first surgery. Be sure to view Dr. Freeman’s photo gallery to see the results his patients have gotten following a disappointing first surgery.

Help ensure a successful second surgery by taking care of your nose afterward
There are some things you can do to help ensure your rhinoplasty revision gives you the best results possible. First, be sure to be careful not to bump your nose while it still healing. You should also be sure not to sneeze following surgery as this can damage your results. Be sure to discuss any recovery questions with your doctor as they may have different restrictions than your first one.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC residents who have received disappointing results from their nose job can get a second chance with a rhinoplasty revision procedure. This surgery needs to be done by a skilled surgeon to help ensure you get the best results possible. Be sure to contact Dr. Sean Freeman’s office to learn more about his experience with this surgery, and to schedule a consultation.