Charlotte Rhinoplasty specialist

Charlotte Rhinoplasty specialist

Rhinoplasty recovery- completing the process

(The following is a dramatization. A previous post looked at the first few days of a typical case of rhinoplasty recovery.)

Day 7

My boyfriend called to say he’s coming down with a cold. Sorry. Pain meds. Not clear.

I’ve been recovering from my rhinoplasty for a week now. My nose is still swollen and numb. I’m afraid to spend too much time outside because even at this time of year I might sunburn my nose and not know it.

The one thing I absolutely can’t afford, right now, is to come down with a cold. The tissues of my nose are still very fragile from the rhinoplasty. Blowing my own nose could damage them. We’re going to have to keep our distance from each other until I’m sure he’s well.The worst part is that he’s not the only person I know in Charlotte, NC who’s got a respiratory ailment. I’m going to have to stay inside a lot longer. Just to be on the safe side, I’ve started washing my hands about a dozen times a day.

Day 10

I’ve discovered that it’s a lot easier to cope with staying inside if you stay in touch with your friends online. I took some pictures of my nose on Day 2, and I’ve posted them online alongside pictures I took today. It’s still swollen, but the bruising is just about gone, and my friends are being very encouraging.

Day 13

Just had a follow-up visit with my rhinoplasty surgeon. Everything’s going well. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I really want to vacuum the rug, but that would mean moving some furniture and I can’t do any heavy lifting right now — it might raise my blood pressure.

Day 30

Okay, I think the swelling has finally gone down completely. At least I hope it has — I love the way my nose looks right now. For the first time, I feel like my face looks completely right. This was worth it.

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