Rhinoplasty preparation is an important step in planning your nose job

Rhinoplasty preparation is an important thing to think about when planning a nose job. Patients may often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to consider and plan for when considering a nose job and once they have it scheduled, they may sit back and relax leading up to it. However, there are some things Charlotte, NC patients can do to prepare for their surgery, and help ensure they get the best results possible.

An initial consultation is an important step in preparing for surgery

An important first step in a patient’s rhinoplasty journey is picking their surgeon and having an initial consultation. Because nose jobs are expensive, it is important prospective patients choose the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in the area and that the surgeon has a clear understanding of what the patients wants.

Once patients have researched local options for doctors, they should then schedule an initial consultation. This meeting is a good way for the patient to see if they feel comfortable with the surgeon and in the surgeon’s office. Feeling comfortable with your doctor is imperative when choosing a doctor.

During the consultation, the patient should discuss what they want to achieve with the doctor. Many surgeons utilize imaging technology to show patients how they will look following surgery. This can help avoid confusion and make patients feel confident in what their surgeon can do for them.

Patients will need to stop certain habits prior to surgery

Rhinoplasty preparation requires patients to give up smoking and drinking. Patients should not smoke or drink in the weeks before surgery and should not start again until they are fully healed. Vitamin Supplements, Vitamin E especially, should also not be taken prior to surgery. These can act as blood thinning agents, which can cause complications during surgery.

Patients will require help immediately following surgery

Patients will need to make arrangements for after surgery care prior to undergoing the procedure. Many patients will need help at home for at least the first few days following surgery, as well as needing a ride home after they are released.

Following surgery, patients will also need to avoid wearing glasses and avoid pull-over clothing. Glasses can irritate the nose when they rest on the top and it is easy to accidently bump the nose when removing glasses or pulling clothes over the head. Having contacts and button up clothing available before surgery can help ensure a fast healing time.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

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