Preparing for a successful rhinoplasty

There are a number of steps you should take if you’re going to undergo rhinoplasty within the next month or so. First, you should make sure your schedule for the time afterward is clear, and that you’ll be able to spend time and home undergoing as little physical strain as possible and very little in-person contact with others.

If you wear glasses, you should get contact lenses now and spend some time learning to get comfortable with them. If you smoke, you need to quit cold turkey at least two weeks before surgery. Unfortunately, since the problem is nicotine itself rather than the other chemicals (it constricts blood vessels and slows the healing process) this includes things like patches, gum and vaping that you might use to ease cigarette withdrawal. You also need to go off alcohol for a while.

Have plenty of lip balm and beverages handy, since you’ll be breathing through your mouth and will need to keep it moisturized. Don’t take aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E or any herbal supplements that might cause excess bleeding within the two weeks before the surgery.

Managing the recovery period

Your rhinoplasty surgeon can give you advice on managing your recovery. The main thing to know is that the first two to three days after surgery will be the worst. Take the painkillers and antibiotics your surgeon recommends, and ask if he or she recommends cold packs. Stay away from salty foods, because they can cause inflammation at the tip of your nose. Apart from that, eat as much as you can to help you recover. Get plenty of sleep, keeping your head elevated with a neck pillow to reduce swelling.

Be very careful of your nose. Don’t wear pullover sweaters or anything else that might put pressure on it. Don’t do anything that might raise blood pressure in your head, such as bending over or lifting heavy objects. Take your temperature often, and always put sunscreen on your nose if you go outside on a sunny day — your nose might be too numb to sense a sunburn, which would affect how it heals. Keep your contact with others virtual — getting a respiratory illness at this point would ruin everything.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

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