rhinoplastyRhinoplasty experts can operate on any part of the nose

When a Charlotte, NC facial plastic surgeon performs a rhinoplasty, he or she might operate on the whole nose, or just one or two parts of it. Surgeons are often asked to make small corrections to a part of the nose. With an operation like this, the recovery time is shorter and likely to be easier on the patient.

The septum and the bridge

An operation on the septum, the middle of the nose, is called septoplasty. A deviated septum is a common reason for needing rhinoplasty, and correcting this deviation where it exists is a part of any good nose job.

Another common problem is a hump or other irregularity on the bridge of the nose.This can be caused by genetics, compression during childbirth or a childhood accident. In some cases, if the nose is narrow and the hump is small, filler injections along the sides may provide a temporary solution.

The tip of the nose

The angle of the nasal tip and the upper lip, called the nasolabial angle, which should be at least 90 degrees, and should be about ten degrees more for a woman than for a man. If the tip of your nose is too big or droops just a little, other people may notice before you — the best angle to see it from is the side, but getting a good look at the side of your face is hard even with a hand mirror. You might need to take a selfie.

The Nostrils

However wide or narrow your face, the outer edge of your nostrils should be about as wide as the space between your eyes. Operating on the nostrils may mean fracturing the nasal bones — before the lower nostrils can be narrowed, the upper part of the nose has to be narrowed. Whatever happens, the nostrils must be perfectly symmetrical when the operation is over.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

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