Rhinoplasty history is surprisingly long

Rhinoplasty history — somewhat painful reading
Rhinoplasty history is longer than most people realize, and I should tell you right now that it’s kind of unpleasant to read about. Ancient Egyptian doctors found ways to rebuild the nose, for the benefit of convicted thieves whose noses had been cut off as punishment. In India in the 6th century B.C., a surgeon named Sushruta used skin from the patient’s forehead to rebuild the nose. Later on in rhinoplasty history, in 16th-century Europe, a similar method was used to repair damage from war or (more often) syphilis. In that case, it was sometimes the arm rather than the forehead that provided the skin, which meant if you were a patient, you had to spend a long time with your arm sewn to your face.

The really big change in rhinoplasty history came in the nineteenth century, with advances in anesthetics and hygiene. Suddenly rhinoplasty could be more than just a way to repair catastrophic damage — a surgeon could take a functional but unattractive and make it functional and attractive.

But even with the best medicine available, the nose is still a part of the body’s “danger triangle,” which requires those who operate on it to be skilled and careful. The best rhinoplasty surgeons are those that perform revision rhinoplasty, improving on the work of others.

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