Rhinoplasty for my teen- should my teen get a rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty for my teen is probably how Charlotte, NC start their search for a doctor when their teen mentions wanting a rhinoplasty. Many parents may not know if their teen even can get rhinoplasty, why they would want it, and how to prepare their teen for surgery. Below, we’ll provide answers to all three questions to help you navigate this request from your teenager.

Teens need to have fully developed noses before undergoing surgery
If you are looking into rhinoplasty for my teen, the first thing you need to find out is if they can even have it. It is important to make sure the nose is fully developed and is done growing. Typically, females should be over the age of 15 before having surgery, whereas males should usually be over 17 years of age. But, your doctor will be able to confirm if they can operate on your teenager after a consultation.

Teens may mention having rhinoplasty for many reasons
Just like adults, there are many reasons your teenager my bring up rhinoplasty for my teen. It is a good idea to discuss your teen’s reasons for surgery with them when they first broach the subject so you know they understand what a big decision it is.

Teens, like adults, may want a nose job to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves. Maybe they have an unusual bump on the bridge or their nose or think their nostrils are too large. They may feel they will feel better following rhinoplasty. If this is the reason your child has brought the subject of rhinoplasty for my teen up to you, be sure to discuss this further. If necessary, bring in professions so your teen has reasonable expectations for their surgery.

They may also need their nose worked on for medical reasons. If they’ve broken their nose or have a deviated septum, they may have trouble breathing and want to undergo rhinoplasty to help.

Prepare your teen by speaking with them openly about the surgery
You can prepare you and your teen for rhinoplasty for my teen by having open, candid conversations with them. Discuss their reasons for wanting it, what the surgery and recovery will be like, and what they hope will happen as a result of this surgery. Making sure they are emotionally ready for the procedure and have realistic expectations for the procedue is important.

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