Have you undergone rhinoplasty surgery and are not happy with the results?

Revision rhinoplasty operations shouldn’t be required, but many individuals don’t get the desired results they were hoping for. In some instances, this might not be apparent until a while after, and the patient feels they are worse off than when they began.

Do you feel you are looking at a nose job gone wrong? Want it corrected by Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon once and for all?

Revision rhinoplasty Charlotte NC

Who performs these revision rhinoplasty operations in Charlotte NC?

If an individual has had rhinoplasty, and it has gone wrong, then their nose might be out of shape and lost some of the natural curves and structure. This kind of nose surgery is carried out to restore the cosmetic appearance of the patient.

On top of this, there might be occasions when the previous nose job surgery has left the patient in a position where it is difficult to breathe. Revision rhinoplasty operations are some of the most complicated, and they can only be performed by a plastic surgeon with credentials like double board certified Dr. Freeman. He possesses years of extensive revision rhinoplasty expertise and helps all patients achieve their desired goals for their second nose job surgery.

Charlotte NC rhinoplasty benefits according to a rhinoplasty expert

  • Rhinoplasty experts reshape the nose, resulting in youthful and balanced facial appearances.
  • Revision rhinoplasty sometimes needs to be performed with nasal obstruction surgery or septoplasty as a way to correct nasal obstructions from previous nose surgery.
  • Revision rhinoplasty operations correct bulbous nasal tips, crooked noses, and other problems, which lead to enhanced facial symmetry.
  • These secondary nose jobs revitalize the appearance and shape of the nose. This delivers a much-needed boost in confidence for patients.

Primary rhinoplasty vs. revision rhinoplasty operations

Although these operations are on the same part of the nose, there are some differences between the two.

Revision rhinoplasty surgery will often take longer than the initial operation because the rhinoplasty expert will be dealing with the nasal structure. This makes this kind of nose surgery much more complicated. Dr. Freeman who is double board certified has more than enough experience when performing these corrective nose operations.

Can the best Charlotte NC plastic surgeon help?

If you have had rhinoplasty surgery previously and you have a nasal hump, pinched nose deformity, a scooped bridge, asymmetric nostrils or many of the other things which can go wrong when a plastic surgeon has not performed the ideal rhinoplasty surgery. Then it is possible for Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to help.

However, this will depend if a patient fits in with the criteria of Dr. Freeman. He holds an initial consultation, and he will inspect the work done previously. If the job can be rectified, and you meet the other criteria, then he will proceed once he has outlined what he will be correcting when he carries out his revision rhinoplasty operations. The only way you will know is to contact Dr. Freeman at ‘Only Faces’ and get that initial consultation booked.