Remove wrinkles under eyes is a popular request in Charlotte, NC and can be done

Under eye wrinkles can make people look older, and more worn out
Remove wrinkles under eyes is a common request from Charlotte, NC plastic surgery patients. Wrinkles form as people age and can form all over the face, such as under the eyes, around the mouth and even on the forehead. Wrinkles, though natural, can leave people feeling self conscious about their looks and looking for ways to rejuvenate their skins and look younger and more refreshed.

Remove wrinkles under eyes can be done
There are many ways doctors can remove wrinkles under eyes. They can recommend the best way following a consultation and discussion of your goals. Each option has its own benefits but also has some factors to keep in mind as well. Again, your surgeon can help determine the best choice for you.

Surgical options are long lasting, but require some down time to recover
To remove wrinkles under eyes surgically, doctors may perform an eyelift. Often, this is done to alleviate other concerns around the eyes, but may help remove wrinkles as well. Under eye lifts can remove fat deposits that collect under the eyes making them puffy and developing wrinkles. Doctors will remove the deposits and restore the skin, leaving it smooth and leaving the patient looking younger.

Patients who have under eye wrinkles removed via surgery should anticipate spending some time away from work and activities to recover. It can take a few weeks for patients to heal and feel up to returning to activities. Surgery is also a bit pricier than non surgical options and insurance does not typically cover the cost. However, surgical procedures are generally long lasting and don’t require frequent repeat procedures.

Non surgical options offer temporary results but a fast recovery
Patients who are interested in remove wrinkles under eyes, but aren’t ready for surgery may benefit from nonsurgical options. Injections and fillers are ways to eliminate and reduce wrinkles under the eyes. A liquid facelift is a procedure that uses various injectable to lift and replenish the skin, so patients look younger. If you are interested in non-surgical options, Dr. Freeman can refer you to a local dermatologist.

Nonsurgical options to remove wrinkles under eyes offer temporary results that can last anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the procedure you have. It is usually less expensive than having surgery, but repeat treatments will be needed to maintain the results which would be an additional expense.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC patients interested wanting to know more about the ways you can remove wrinkles under eyes should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and can help determine the best way for you to meet your goals.