Expectations for recovering from rhinoplasty surgery in Charlotte. 

Recovering from rhinoplasty

One of the most asked questions by facial surgery patients is about recovering from rhinoplasty surgery in Charlotte. On average, the recovery for rhinoplasty takes about a week to 10 days, and most patients are able to return to work or school and resume their normal social life. The great thing is that in a few short weeks, you will be ready to show off their new nose at a special event or for family pictures.

The first day of recovery may require medication to help manage the pain, leaving you comfortable. Your doctor may recommend periodic application a cold compress when you are awake for the first 72 hours following surgery. Eventually, the pain will subside and your comfort level will improve dramatically. Many patients report that the first few days of recovery are not so much painful, as they are uncomfortable. The most common type of discomfort is a dull aching, headache, and congestion.


Taking off the bandages

Your nose cast or bandages will be removed within a week after rhinoplasty surgery. Once the bandages are removed, patients normally are comfortable and confident with resuming their daily routine, including going back to work. Many patients end up feeling fine and go back to their regular activities before the cast is removed. Your doctor will recommend that you continue to limit your physical activity for up to 4 weeks. Be sure to check with your facial surgeon to get clearance resume your regular workout routine. Common restrictions would be:


  1. Abstain from heavy exercise or yoga for 3 weeks following surgery.
  2. Avoid lifting anything that weighs more than 10 pounds for 4 weeks following surgery.
  3. Do not bend down, or hold your head leaning forward for 2 weeks following surgery.



After Rhinoplasty

The extent of recovery varies based on the kind of rhinoplasty that is performed. Every patient’s procedure is unique. During your consultation, your facial plastic surgeon will examine your nose and determine the best surgical plan for your goal. He also will be able to give you a clearer idea of exactly what to expect during your recovery.


Natural facial plastic surgery in Charlotte

Dr. Freeman specializes in faces only. As Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman has refined existing techniques and created new ones. Many of his techniques have been adopted by surgeons across the country. Dr. Freeman’s patients enjoy the benefit of individualized treatment plans, and techniques that are a little more refined. Every patient is carefully assessed, to determine what they want changed, and what procedures would give them the best possible results. If you choose Dr. Freeman for a refreshed, natural facelift, you will be provided with complete and simple instructions to follow before and after surgery. This will ensure that you experience a comfortable recovery. Dr. Freeman has satisfied patients all over North Carolina and from throughout the Southeast.