Reasons for a brow lift are different for everyone

Reasons for a brow lift are one thing Charlotte, NC residents will discuss with their doctor. Since everyone has their own, unique reasons for a brow lift, this will help your surgeon determine if you’re a good candidate and ensure you have realistic expectations of the procedure. It will also help the surgeon determine the best surgical technique to use for your procedure. 

There are many different facial plastic surgeries available on the market today. And, the procedure you think you need may not be the one to give you the results you want. By discussing your reasons for a brow lift with your surgeon, they can ensure this is the right for procedure for you. And if it’s not, they can recommend a plastic surgery that will give you better results. 

Brow lifts help patients look younger and more refreshed

One of the most common reasons for a brow lift is to fight signs of aging. As people age, we start to loose elasticity in the skin which can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Not to mention, we sometimes develop fat deposits under the skin which can make it heavier. When this happens in the brow and around the eyes, it can leave people looking tired or cranky. A brow lift lifts the skin back to its original position. This eliminates or reduces the appearance of wrinkles and leaving patients looking refreshed. 

Another one of the more common reasons for a brow lift is to correct vision that is lost due to skin sagging over the eyes. If fat deposits pop up over the eyes, it can cause the skin to droop down and hang over the eyes which can impact your vision. A brow lift can lift this skin back up and restore your vision. 

Insurance does not typically pay for a brow lift

One concern people often have about having a brow lift is the cost, and they want to know if their insurance will cover the surgery. The answer to that depends on the reasons for a brow lift. 

If you are having a brow lift for cosmetic purposes, meaning just to improve you appearance, your insurance will typically not cover the surgery, appointments, or any complications that arise from the surgery. If you are having the surgery for medical reasons, potentially including correcting vision problems, insurance may cover it. It’s always a good idea to contact your insurance carrier to get confirmation on what they will and will not cover. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents who are considering having a brow lift should schedule a consultation with Dr. Sean Freeman. During this appointment, you’ll discuss your reasons for a brow lift. Then you will have an examination and discuss the cost. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has focused his practice exclusively on facial plastic surgery. Be sure to make an appointment and see if he’s the doctor for you.