Protruding ears can be corrected through otoplasty 

Protruding ears are a common concern for many Charlotte, NC residents. Luckily, this ear issue can be corrected through otoplasty, commonly referred to as ear pinning. This procedure is done on both children over the age of five and adults.  

Though protruding ears may not always have medical effects, many people may feel self conscious about their ears if they stick out from the head too much. Children who have protruding ears are often recommended to have otoplasty when the child is five or six before they start school to avoid teasing.  

Children can be put to sleep during the procedure 

Children and adults will have different experiences while undergoing otoplasty. Children are often put under general anesthesia, so they will sleep through the procedure so they have a better surgical experience. Adults, however, are often anesthesia with a sedative for surgery. 

The doctor will reshape the ear and ensure it remains natural looking 

During otoplasty, the doctor will usually make the incision behind the ear. They then go in and reshape and sculpt the cartilage to move the ear closer to the head. To maintain balance and ensure the ears look natural, the surgeon may then reshape other parts of the ear such as the lobe. 

It typically takes four weeks for the ears to fully heal 

While ear surgery does not require most patients to rest for weeks to recover, it does take a while for the area to heal fully. Most patients will feel up to returning to work and activities a few days after surgery. However, the bandages and stitches will remain in longer than that. Stitches can usually come out in a about a week, while the bandage will need to stay on for at least five days. Some patients wait until the dressing has been removed before returning to activities.  

Following surgery patients will need to be sure to follow doctor’s orders. They will need to be careful not to hit the ear or cause it trauma until it is fully healed. Avoiding too much sunlight and tanning beds are also important.  

Be sure to talk with your insurance before the procedure 

Most insurance companies will not cover surgery for protruding ears. Patients should ask their doctor for a quote after their consultation so they know how much they will need to budget for. However, it is always good to consult your insurance provider before surgery to see if they will cover any part of it, as they may cover some of it if the surgery is being done for medical reasons. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

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