There are many things Charlotte, NC patients must consider when preparing for rhinoplasty

Preparing for rhinoplasty is a big job for Charlotte, NC residents who have decided to have a nose job. Choosing a surgeon, pre-operation lifestyle changes, and even planning for recovery are all parts of preparing for rhinoplasty surgery.

Choosing the best surgeon is important

The first thing patients who have decided to undergo rhinoplasty must do is choose a surgeon. Patients must research local surgeons to find the one that best fits their needs, they feel comfortable with, and is the most experienced. Patients can utilize a variety of techniques to help find their perfect surgeon.

Prior to surgery, patients will need to stop taking certain medications

In the weeks leading up to surgery, patients will need to be sure to follow doctor’s orders closely. Patients will need to stop taking certain medications, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, before surgery. Certain vitamins should also not be taken prior to surgery. Lastly, patients should not smoke or drink in the weeks leading up to surgery. Patients will need to follow these guidelines after surgery as well until their nose is fully healed.

Be sure to communicate any concerns before surgery

Patients who feel nervous or unsure of surgery should be sure to discuss any concerns with their surgeon. Patients need to feel completely confident before undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. Patients should not be too shy to bring up any lingering concerns at their final pre-op appointment. Or, if you have no more appointments before surgery, feel free to reach out to the surgeon and schedule a time to talk before surgery.

Preparing for recovery is an important part of preparing for rhinoplasty

When preparing for rhinoplasty, it is important that patients plan for their recovery time in advance. Patients will need a lot of rest following surgery and will need time off work and activities. It is a good idea to have someone available to stay with ad help at home for the first few days. Patients will also need a ride home as they will not be able to drive once released to go home.

Taking care not to damage the nose is imperative following a nose job. Patients should not blow their nose for any reason following surgery as it can damage the nose. Sneezing should also be avoided, not an easy task for Charlotte, NC residents in the spring. Button up clothing is recommended to avoid accidentally bumping the nose and ice packs may be used at the surgeon’s discretion.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents planning on having a rhinoplasty procedure should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and is the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in the area. Be sure to call Dr. Freeman’s office for information on preparing for rhinoplasty, what you want to accomplish, cost, and more.