There are many things rhinoplasty patients should plan for pre operation

Pre operation information is important to know when preparing to have a nose job for Charlotte, NC residents.  Before undergoing a nose job surgery, patients will need to plan for their recovery and follow the surgeon’s pre-surgery steps.

Patients will need to avoid certain medications prior to surgery

In the weeks leading up to surgery, patients will need to follow their surgeon’s guidelines. Patients will need to avoid taking certain medications, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, as well as vitamin supplements. These can thin the blood, which is not a good thing before an operation. Patients should be sure to check with their doctor before taking medications to ensure it is okay for them to take before taking it.

Patients must also avoid sun smoking before having a nose job

Though it is hard to avoid in Charlotte, NC, patients may want to limit their exposure to the sun before surgery. Patients will not want to have a sunburnt nose before surgery, and patients should even avoid the sun following surgery as well.

Smoking is also prohibited in the weeks before a nose job. Avoiding nicotine, and even drinking, is necessary before the procedure. Patients should not begin smoking again until the nose is fully healed following surgery.

Planning for recovery is an important step in pre operation planning

Patients will not be able to drive after surgery and will need to have someone there who can take them home. Patients will need a lot of rest following surgery so having someone around for a few days after surgery is recommended. The first few days will be the most difficult, so having someone there to help can be a significant relief for patients.

Be sure to have plenty or fluids and lip balm waiting at home after surgery. Patients will need to breathe primarily through the mouth for a while and will have a dry mouth because of that. Plan to wear contacts to avoid setting glasses on the nose, and have clothing available that buttons up so the nose is not bumped when pulling clothing over the head and face.

Patients should feel free to ask any lingering questions before surgery

Patients should have a pre operation visit with their surgeon. If the patient has any concerns or questions, it is important they are asked before surgery. Feel free to confirm the desired outcome and review recovery information with your surgeon.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte, NC’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988. If you are considering a nose job, contact Dr. Freeman’s office to learn pre operation information needed before having a nose job.