Rhinoplasty patients should be sure to make post rhinoplasty plans

Post rhinoplasty is something Charlotte, NC patients may not think to plan for when preparing for their nose job. Between picking a doctor, deciding what outcome they want, and saving the money for the surgery, patients may forget to plan for what comes after the surgery. Recovery time should be taken into consideration as patients will need to take time off work, and may want to have someone stay home with them for a few days after surgery.

Recovery time can vary based on many different factors

Each patient’s recovery time will be different and will depend on many various factors. Since no two patients are exactly alike, it is important to listen to the surgeon and follow their recovery instructions to the letter.

One factor that plays into a person’s recovery time is the type of surgery that was performed. Patients will have either an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty with closed rhinoplasties typically healing faster than open ones. A closed rhinoplasty is when the surgeon makes the incisions inside the nose, resulting in no visible scarring and faster healing. An open rhinoplasty is when the surgeon makes the incision in the skin between the nostrils and usually has longer healing times.

The part of the nose that was operated on also can determine the amount of recovery time. Some patients may have only the tip of the nose operated on, while others may have the bridge of the nose reshaped along with their nostrils narrowed. Depending on what is done, some patients may heal faster than others.

Following surgery, patients should expect bruising and swelling

Immediately following surgery patients should expect to see bruising and swelling. Bruising should fade rather quickly and should be gone in a week to ten days. The swelling may linger for longer. Though the swelling should go down substantially with a week or two, it may not completely go away for a few months. Some patients might also experience numbness on their nose, however, this is temporary.

Patients will need to make some minor adjustments for a while following surgery

Like any surgery, there are many things patients should be conscious of following surgery. It is important that patients rest up and keep the head elevated for a few days following surgery. Patients should also be sure to take their medications, such as antibiotics and painkillers, as prescribed. It is best to have someone there to help the first few days.

Post rhinoplasty, patients should avoid taking medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen. They also should avoid smoking and drinking following the procedure. It is imperative the patient does not sneeze or blow their nose following surgery. Since the nose will be fragile, the force behind sneezing and blowing the nose can damage it and ruin the results. Avoiding bumping the nose on accident is important too so pullover clothing should be avoided.


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