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Are you searching for a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC?

Plastic surgeons are scattered all over the place, so there is plenty of choices when it comes to the vast range of plastic surgery you can choose to have. The problem is, not all the plastic surgeons are as good as each other, and as there is an increase on procedures such as revision rhinoplasty, there are some rhinoplasty surgeons that are not giving their patients the best treatment.

If you are considering a nose job, an eyelid lift or deep plane facelift surgery, how sure are you that you have Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon taking care of you? Here are some red flags to be aware of.

Board certified plastic surgeons

Any plastic surgeon should be board certified, and they should be able to prove this and not only say they are. A good example being Dr. Freeman at Only Faces who is double board certified. The good thing is, he has the proof sitting in his Charlotte NC plastic surgery clinic.

With this proof, you know they have a minimum of 6 years of surgical training where between 2 or 3 are focused explicitlyon plastic surgery.

Poor communication for your Charlotte NC rhinoplasty expert

Plastic surgeons should make plenty of communication with their patients. This isn’t a casual conversation, but also asking about the patient’s history and if they are on medication,etc.

Dr. Freeman carries out strict consultations where he asks lots of questions regarding any past facelift surgical procedures, and even down to if the patient smokes, or if they can stop before undertaking their plastic surgery.

His patient care is second to none, and it is things that make him one of the more renowned facial plastic surgeons in Charlotte.

Do you have a gut feeling something is wrong with your possible facelift specialist?

At the end of the day, you should be able to feel if something is not right with your rhinoplasty surgeon. Maybe it is the way they present themselves or something else, but, you do need to feel at ease with the person who will be carrying out any plastic surgery procedure.

You know when you have found the best plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

From an initial consultation, you should be able to tell if you have found the right plastic surgery clinic and the facelift specialist is the right person for you.

If you want to cut short your search and be sure you are in the hands of Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, then contact Dr. Freeman, and he will put your mind at ease that you don’t need to look any further.