Our face is the first victim of time. Our skin gets thinner and loses elasticity. Wrinkles form and our neck begins to sag. We look in the mirror and do not recognize the person we see. Many times a brow lift can help improve these visible signs of aging.Endoscopic Brow Lift

What is involved in brow lift surgery

A brow lift is also called an endobrow or forehead lift. It is surgery to reduce the sagging in the upper eyelids, forehead, and eyebrows. Brow lifts are typically done on people over age 40, but can be performed on individuals of any age. The surgeon will discuss the best options to help reduce the signs of aging during the consultation appointment.

Brow lift surgery is typically outpatient surgery. Depending upon the amount of work needed, the procedure can be done under either local or general anesthesia. Dr. M. Sean Freeman will discuss all of your options during your consultation appointment

Endoscopic brow lift or eyelid lift

Many times when a person is experiencing sagging on the eyelids or brow, they believe they need an eyelid lift. In fact, they might benefit from an endoscopic brow lift. Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon will evaluate your skin and discuss the best procedure for your situation.

Dr. Freeman is one of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the Southeast and has developed and perfected several facial plastic surgery techniques. One of these techniques is the segmental approach to the female endoscopic brow lift.

Segmental female endoscopic brow lift

There are two primary techniques used to perform a brow lift, the classic and the endoscopic brow lifts. During the classic brow lift, the facial plastic surgeon creates an incision from ear to ear, along the hairline. The surgeon then removes muscle or tissue and manipulates the skin to tighten and firm the eye brow and eyelids. There may be pain and a long recovery with the classic brow lift.

Dr. Freeman performs many endoscopic brow lifts, which are not as invasive as the classic brow lift. During this procedure, Dr. Freeman will perform a series of small incisions in the scalp. He will then insert a small camera on the end of a thin tube into one the incisions to of look at the muscles and skin. This allows Dr. Freeman to perform the necessary repairs with minimum pain and recovery time.

Now, Dr. Freeman can also perform a segmental female endoscopic brow lift which allows him to better predict the final results. This technique, developed and perfected by Dr. Freeman includes three types of brow lifts or releases: the lateral brow lift, the ¾ brow lift, and the full brow lift. Dr. Freeman, Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon will evaluate your situation and recommend the best brow lift procedure for you.

Brow lift surgery can drastically improve sagging, deep furrows, and wrinkles in the forehead and eyelids. Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman will work with you to decide on the best brow lift procedure for your situation. To schedule a consultation appointment, call Dr. Freeman’s clinic in Charlotte NC, the Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery.