Procedures Performed

  • Deep Plane Facelift
  • Eyelid: Lower Lid Blepharoplasty with SOOF
  • Endoscopic Brow Lift: 3/4 Brow Lift- right, and Lateral Brow Lift- left
  • CO2 Laser Resurfacing: eyes and mouth
  • Dr. Freeman’s Makeovers

Dr. Sean Freeman’s Makeovers Case #185

This is a 65 year old lady from the Charlotte area, the procedures that were done are endoscopic endobrow (browlift), lower lid blepharoplasty with SOOF, deep plane minituck, medial platysmaplasty and co2 resurfacing. Contact Dr.  Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon.

Age: 65
Gender: Female