Otoplasty is ear surgery, which can correct a variety of ear issues 

Otoplasty recovery is something all Charlotte, NC patients who are considering the procedure need to plan for. Patients may spend a lot of time saving money for the surgery, researching the surgery, and finding the perfect doctor, but may not take the time to plan for what comes after surgery.  

 Otoplasty is an ear surgery which is often referred to as ear pinning and can correct ear problems that stem from a variety of issues. Perhaps most commonly, people may undergo the procedure if they have protruding ears they wish to move closer to the skull. Patients may also have the procedure to correct defects in the ear structure, damage to the ears from injury, or if they have overly long or large ears.  

Patients of many ages can undergo otoplasty 

Otoplasty is not just a surgery for adults, as most cosmetic surgeries are. While adults can have the procedure, many of these patients are children who wish to undergo the procedure to prevent teasing. Patients must be between the ages of five or six to be a candidate for surgery, and the surgeon may have other criteria that must be met as well.

Otoplasty recovery can take up to four weeks  

Since children and adults get this procedure, each may have their own experience with recovering. However, most people only require a few days to rest at home. The pain may be managed the first few days with prescribed medication only. Aspirin and ibuprofen should not be taken. If you live alone, it is a good idea to have someone stay with you the first night in case you require any assistance. After the first few days, most patients feel well enough to return to work and activities.  

Following surgery, the ear will be bandaged, and the bandage will not be removed for about five days. Some patients are uncomfortable going to work and activities with the bandage on and may remain resting at home until it is removed. However, it is important that the bandage is not removed early or bumped as this can affect the results of the procedure.   

Patients should also be careful not to cause trauma to the ear until it is fully healed, which typically takes about four weeks. Protecting the ear from exposure to extreme sunlight and tanning beds is also important. Be sure to review otoplasty recovery information with your doctor before your surgery. 

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