Patients of all ages may undergo an otoplasty procedure 

Otoplasty is a procedure that can correct the position of the ears for Charlotte, NC residents. Otoplasty is often referred to as ear pinning and can correct protruding ears or ears that are very large. Unlike some other types of plastic surgery, children can have the procedure. Children over the age of five are eligible to have the procedure, but a doctor can make the final determination. On the same token, many adults undergo the procedure as well. It truly is a procedure for people five and up.  

Patients may have the procedure for many different reasons 

Each patient has their own reasons for having otoplasty. Children may have it to correct large or protruding ears to avoid getting teased at school or may have it to correct birth defects and restore hearing. It is important that children feel comfortable with the surgery before undergoing it.  

Adults also often have otoplasty. They may have it for the same reasons as children, or they may have it to feel better about their appearance. Ears, especially on men, are a dominant feature and if they are too large, some patients may feel self conscious.  

The incision is made behind the ear 

The doctor will make an incision behind the ear when performing otoplasty. This helps hide the scar as it’s not easily visible. The surgeon will then go in through the incision and work to reshape and sculpt the cartilage in the ear. First, they will move the ear closer to the head, and then they will reshape other parts of the ear to ensure a natural looking adjustment.  

Patients should feel better after a few days 

After the surgery, patients should be sure to have someone stay with them at home for the first few days. Most patients feel better within a few days, but the bandage will need to remain on the ear for about five to seven days. It is important the patient does not bump or remove the bandage before their doctor says it’s okay. Doing so can affect the results of the procedure. Patients will also need to avoid hitting the ear, exposing the incision to sunlight or tanning beds, and more until the ear is fully healed. Most of the time the ear is fully healed within a month. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions for after surgery carefully. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC patients who are considering otoplasty want to be sure they get the best surgeon to perform it. When choosing a doctor, patients should look for a board certified in addition to being licensed. Dr. Sean Freeman of the Charlotte area is the area’s most experienced facial surgeon and is double board certified. To learn more about his credentials and how he can help, be sure to contact his office today to schedule a consultation.