Get your kid’s ears pointed the right way

Ear pinning fixes ears that stick out too much
Otoplasty ear pinning Charlotte NC is one of the few forms of facial plastic surgery that can safely be performed on small children. This is because by age four of five, small children have typically reached 80 percent of their adult ear size. At this stage, ear protrusion since children are notoriously cruel towards those of unusual appearance. But otoplasty can also be performed on adults with no additional risk.

For about a month after otoplasty, you should avoid any situation that might cause an accidental blow or other trauma to the ear. If the procedure is being performed on a child, he or she should stay home from school for about a week and come back when the bandages and sutures have been removed.

Otoplasty ear pinning Charlotte NC
To perform otoplasty ear pinning Charlotte NC, the surgeon makes a small incision in the back of each ear, then repositions the cartilage of the ears to make them lie closer to the head. The surgeon will sometimes reshape other parts of the ear. This can be done under local or general anesthetic, but if the surgery is being performed on a child, general anesthesia is a better idea, so as to allow them to sleep through it.

When the otoplasty ear pinning Charlotte NC is complete, the surgeon will wrap a gauze bandage around the head like a turban for about five days. This holds the ears in their new position so they’ll heal there. Stitches should be removed after a week or so. An adult patient can probably return to work in several days.

Top otoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC
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