The truth regarding, “Otoplasty for my child’s big ears.”

Many parents visit plastic surgeons inquiring about, “otoplasty for my child’s big ears.” Every day children are teased or bullied because of his or her ears. The driving force behind this type of plastic surgery is the hope that the child will be spared of all the negative effects that bullying can present. The reality is that this type of surgery is becoming increasingly more common in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Another reason for the increasing popularity of otoplasty, is that people are more aware of the surgery, thanks, in part, to the Internet, and to one of Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeons. Decades ago, people hardly perceived that the operation possible, and rarely saw it as a solution.

Otoplasty is reconstructive
Plastic surgery for children can be controversial, but parents should not feel conflicted if they choose otoplasty for my child’s big ears. One of the conflicting issues that parents battle with is the incorrect notion that this kind of surgery is for purely cosmetic reasons. At its core, otoplasty is a reconstructive surgery. This means that the procedure involves returning a feature to a normal appearance. Parents confuse this with cosmetic surgery, which involves the enhancement of a normal feature.

Surgery for young children
Your Charlotte plastic surgeon can explain the best ages, or the youngest ages that are appropriate for this particular elective surgery. Parents are increasingly addressing prominent ears in newborns, and toddlers. This is because in young children, the cartilage in the ears is generally more moldable. Most parents are encouraged to wait until the child is at least age 5 to have surgery. There should be some serious discussion regarding putting off the surgery. The sad reality is that patients who come in for the surgery when they’re adults, have basically endured a lifetime of teasing and/or bullying.

Consultation with Dr. Freeman- Otoplasty for my child’s big ears
Initially, your child will undergo a comprehensive exam, and you can discuss the risks and benefits of otoplasty with Dr. Freeman. You should be prepared to answer questions about your child’s existing and past medical conditions, especially ear infections. After a comprehensive gathering of medical history, your child will experience a gentle and thorough physical exam. This will largely determine treatment options. The doctor will make recommendations regarding your child’s ears; including placement, size, shape and symmetry. It is important that you and your child has a clear understanding of why you are undergoing otoplasty, and what you can expect in terms of appearance after the procedure. Dr. Freeman will make sure that you understand the risks, and his expectations. If you are one of the countless people declaring, “I need Charlotte otoplasty for my child’s big ears,” see Dr. Freeman today.