Protruding ears and overly large ears can leave patients feeling self conscious about their looks- Octoplasty surgery can help

Otoplasty surgery can help Charlotte, NC patients feel better about their appearance. Patients who have protruding or overly large ears may choose to undergo otoplasty surgery, or ear pinning, to feel better about their looks. Some patients, especially children, may face teasing about their ears leading them to decide to have otoplasty.  

Though protruding and large ears are one of the more common reasons people have otoplasty surgery, it’s not the only reason. The procedure can also correct defects of the ear structure which can sometimes help restore patients’ hearing. It also can fix any damage done to the ear from an injury.  

Otoplasty surgery typically does not leave visible scars 

One positive of otoplasty surgery is that fact that the incision is made on the back of the ear, hiding any visible scars. The surgeon will go in through this incision and work to reshape the ear. Not only will they move the ear closer to the head, but the surgeon will also reshape other areas to ensure the results are natural looking and balance is maintained. 

It is important to listen to the doctor’s orders following recovery 

Though most people feel well enough to return to work and activities after a few days recovery, patients may choose to remain home longer. The ear will need to be kept covered for at least five days after surgery. It is important the patients not remove the bandage early or hit the ear as this can affect the results.   

Stitches generally come out in a week to ten days, but the ear is not usually fully healed until about four weeks after surgery. Protecting the ear from trauma, such as bumping it or accidentally pulling on it is important for those four weeks. Patients should be careful pulling clothing over the head as it can sometimes snag on the ears.  

Otoplasty surgery cost can vary for each patient 

Patients planning on having the surgery often want to know what to expect to spend. Unfortunately, there is no set cost, but the average cost of surgery is over $3,100.00. This price does not include the surgical and recovery rooms, medication, anesthesia, and other factors. Even the location of your provider’s office can affect the price. Be sure to ask your surgeon for a quote after your consultation. 

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