Nose job surgery recovery time varies by patient

Nose job surgery recovery time differs between Charlotte, NC patients. Depending on how much work was done, what was done, and other factors, the time it takes for a patient to recover from having a nose surgery, such as rhinoplasty, can vary from about a month to almost three months.

Patients can take steps prior to surgery to help ensure successful results

In addition to following the surgeon’s advice during recovery from the surgery, patients must also be sure to follow the pre-operation guidelines as well. Before the procedure, patients will meet with their rhinoplasty surgeon for a consultation and pre-op appointments, and their surgeon should go over any questions and discuss pre-surgery information.

At the Initial Consultation, the patient and surgeon will work to determine what the patient envisions their nose to look like after surgery. To avoid confusion, some surgeons utilize imagining technology that allows patients to see what they will look like after the procedure. This technology will also help determine if the patient’s face will continue to look proportional and balanced. If not, additional surgeries, such as chin implants, may be recommended.

Leading up to surgery, the surgeon will require the patient to avoid certain things to make sure surgery goes as smoothly as possible. Before surgery patients will need to stop smoking and drinking. They also will need to avoid taking vitamin supplements. Some of these products can cause blood thinning which could potentially cause complications during surgery.

Patients should be sure to plan for recovery time before having surgery

There are many things patients need to consider and plan for when planning their nose job surgery, and recovery is an important part. Recovery can take anywhere from a month to three months for people to fully heal, and patients may require help at home for the first few days.

Following surgery, patients should continue to avoid smoking and taking certain medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen. The surgeon will prescribe painkillers, and only these should be taken. The first few days following surgery will probably be the most difficult for patients, so be sure to take medication as directed. Patients should also keep their head elevated following surgery and avoid bending over.

Swelling and bruising are expected following surgery. Bruising should heal relatively quickly with the swelling going down considerably within a week or two. Slight swelling may linger for a few months following surgery.

There are some additional things patients should be aware of following rhinoplasty surgery. Patients should avoid blowing their nose or sneezing. Both require tremendous force and can damage the newly delicate nose. Glasses wearers may want to consider contacts for a while after surgery, so the glasses do not irritate the nose. Lastly, avoid pullover clothing for a while. It is easy to accidentally bump the nose when pulling clothing items on over the head.

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