There are many reasons people chose to have nose surgery
Nose surgery is a popular procedure for people in Charlotte, NC and across the country. There are many reasons people chose to have nose surgery. Though the majority of people have nose surgery for cosmetic reasons, such as making the nose smaller, fixing a bump in the bridge, or correcting other flaws, that’s not the only reasons people may elect to have a nose job. Some people may have nose surgery to fix a medical condition such as a deviated septum.

You’ll start by meeting with your surgeon for a consultation
Once you’ve decided to have nose surgery, you’ll meet with your surgeon for a consultation. During this time, you’ll discuss what you want your nose to look like and what you hope to accomplish with the surgery. Some surgeons, like Dr. Sean Freeman in Charlotte, NC, use visualization software to help you see what results you can expect. This also helps eliminate any confusion between you and your surgeon.

Next, you’ll have surgery. Dr. Freeman will make small incisions in the nose and get to work. Depending on what he’s working on, nostrils versus bridge, he may make incisions in the nostrils as well. He’ll then manipulate and adjust the bone and cartilage in the nose to reshape your nose.

You’ll see bruising and swelling after surgery
After your nose surgery, you’ll experience bruising and swelling. Though you will probably be quite excited to see your results, it can take several weeks and even months to see your results fully. You’ll want to ensure you keep your head elevated to help relieve swelling after surgery. If directed, ice can also help relieve swelling.

You’ll also need to be careful not to bump or irritate your nose after surgery. This means avoiding triggers that can make you sneeze as this can impact your results. You may also want to wear button up shirts so you don’t have to pull clothing over your head. Be careful when applying makeup or wearing glasses as well.

Insurance generally won’t pay for nose surgery
Many people who are planning their nose surgery, want to know how much it will cost and if insurance will pay for it. Generally, insurance doesn’t pay for nose surgery when it’s done for cosmetic reasons. However, if you have it done for a medical reason, they may help pay. Be sure to contact your insurance provider before surgery to see if they’ll cover it or not.

Your doctor will also be able to advise how much the surgery will cost after a consultation. Keep in mind that in addition to paying for the surgery, you’ll need to pay for follow up visits and any medications you need to take after.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC residents can improve the appearance of their nose with nose surgery. If you’ve decided t have a nose job, consider having Dr. Sean Freeman perform it. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and is double board certified. Contact his office to schedule your appointment today.