Patients can help their recovery after nose surgery by planning ahead

Nose job patients in Charlotte, NC should plan for after nose surgery care before having the procedure done. Often, people get caught up in saving money for the procedure, choosing a doctor, and deciding what they want, that they may not plan for recovery until the last minute.

Recovery is a critical phase of the nose job process. Before surgery, the surgeon should discuss what the patient needs to do to prepare for surgery, and what they will need to do while they are healing. Since the nose will be fragile after the procedure, it is important patients follow doctor’s orders closely.

Patients will need to rest and relax after nose surgery

After nose surgery, patients will need to get plenty or rest and relax for a week or so. It is a good idea for patients to have someone stay with them for a few days following the procedure. They will also need someone to take them home once they are released. Since patients will need to keep the head elevated and avoid bending over, having someone to help is beneficial.

Taking certain pain medications is not allowed following a nose job

The worst pain and discomfort will occur in the first few days after nose surgery. Patients should be sure only to take the prescribed painkillers from their doctor and follow the surgeon’s directions carefully. Prior to surgery, patients are instructed to avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen, and this must continue after surgery as well.

Care should be taken to not accidentally injure or bump the nose following surgery

It is imperative the nose not be damaged following surgery. Patients can take a variety of steps to help ensure the nose is not damaged after nose surgery.

Blowing the nose and sneezing need to be avoided after surgery. Avoid exposing yourself to germs to help prevent involuntary sneezing from illness. The force behind sneezing is strong, and since the nose is very fragile after surgery, one sneeze can cause pain and significant damage.

People bump their noses multiple times throughout the day without even noticing it. To help curtail hitting the nose on accident, patients with glasses should switch to contacts or a while. The nose pieces on glasses can sometimes irritate the nose and rub when they are pushed up. Patients may want to consider wearing clothing that can be buttoned up as well. Pull over clothing may sometimes be tight in the next and the nose can easily be jostled when removing pullovers or putting them on.

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