A nose job in time for prom

Getting my daughter a nose job in time for prom

A nose job in time for prom in Charlotte NC

My daughter has decided that she wants a nose job in time for prom. We’ve talked before about her getting one — she wants one, but her father and I don’t really want her making any decisions she can’t take back until she’s a lot older. She already agreed to wait until she was physically old enough for her features to fully mature, which turned out to be fifteen. We’ve taken her to speak to a facial plastic surgeon, who tells us (facial plastic surgeons also sort of double as part-time psychologists, since they have to be able to understand the desires and expectations of their patients) that she’s mature enough and has a fairly clear notion of what she wants.

This means we’re going to have to keep her home from school for a couple of weeks. Luckily, all her school’s lesson plans are already online, so she won’t fall too far behind. She’s also going to have to cut back on exercise and gymnastics — you don’t want too much blood rushing into your head while your nose is trying to heal. And we won’t know what her nose looks like until the swelling goes down.

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