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Are you interested in knowing all the ins and outs of rhinoplasty surgery from a top facial plastic surgeon?

Nose job surgeon might be a more common term and one that many people know better than a rhinoplasty surgeon. These are two of the same, and do you ever find yourself wondering what actually goes into a rhinoplasty surgical procedure?

If you are interested in learning more, read on for some interesting insights from the top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC.

What is rhinoplasty surgery?

A rhinoplasty surgical procedure improves the shape and structure of an individual’s nose. This can include the width, any bumps or depressions on the bridge, or an upturned or drooping tip among many others.

If the surgical procedure is none cosmetic, it can correct deviated septum’sthat open blocked airways and causing breathing impairment. No matter what the reason, Dr. Freeman is the best nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC who you can consult with for your nose surgery.

What happens in a consultation with Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon?

Every candidate has a consultation regardless of plastic surgery they want doing. Dr. Freeman will examine your nose, take pictures for a before and after comparison, and ask a few questions. Past operations, any medical conditions, including allergies, and anything else that can affect the results isasked by this double board certified plastic surgeon.

Am I a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty surgery?

This is up to the nose job surgeon who will perform the procedure. If you answer all the questions positively, then there is an excellent chance you will be suitable. Teens can be different because the nose should have finished developing before there is any form of operation.

The reason for this is a teens nose development usually endsin the later teen years. This can change depending on gender.

What happens in my Charlotte NC rhinoplasty procedure with my nose doctor?

Rhinoplasty requires a general anesthetic, but this will depend on the procedure. A procedure can be either open where incisionsare made between the nostrils, this is called the columella. Or the procedure can be close, meaning the incisions will be made inside the nose.

If nostrils are part of the nose surgery, there will be incisions in the creases of the nostrils. The nose job surgeon provides specific instructions nose care following the procedure.

Who would perform my rhinoplasty operation in Charlotte NC

The person responsible would be Dr. Freeman. He is double board certified and has many years’ experience. He just so happens to be Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, so anyone who goes to see him is in good hands.

For anyone who thinks or wants a nose job surgeon to take a look at their problems, contact Dr. Freeman and get your first consultation arranged. You will be happy you took the first step.