nose job surgeonSkills of a nose job surgeon

There’s more than one kind of nose job, and a nose job surgeon needs to be able to do all of them. Most commonly, the whole nose needs to be worked on either a little or a lot, but sometimes the surgeon only has to work onthe bridge of the nose, or the tip or nostrils.

There are some things almost everyone wants. This includes desire for symmetry, smoothness and unimpaired function. Most nose jobs are strictly cosmetic in nature, but a deviated septum is something that always needs to be fixed, and is a common medical reason for seeking a nose job. The nostrils should be about as wide as the space between the eyes, whether the face as a whole is broad or narrow.

Ethnic and gender differences in nasal shapes

A Charlotte, NC nose job surgeon needs a good sense of the right size, shape and proportions of a nose for any given face. There’s no consistent way to categorize nasal shapes, but “flat,” “concave,” “convex” and “straight” are the broadest categories. The most widely accepted theory is that people whose ancestors come from cold, dry climates tend to have noses with longer, higher and narrower nostrils than those whose ancestors come from hot, humid climates, because people in colder climates need to warm and humidify the air they breathe.

Another difference is the difference between genders. Male skin is usually thicker than female skin. This makes the nose less delicate in appearance. The bridge of a man’s nose is usually straighter, and the tip is at a different angle to the lip. This is important because many patients want their nose to look more “male” or “female” but may have a hard time explaining what this means when talking about a nose.

A nose job surgeon needs to have worked on every shape of nose, through every thickness and texture of skin, making hairline-fine adjustments in skin, cartilage and mucous membranes. He or she also needs to understand the different standards of beauty among different communities. It takes many years for a nose job surgeon to get this much experience.

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