Nose job surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces in Charlotte offers the nose job you have always wanted.

Nose job surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman of Only Faces in Charlotte:
Choosing the right doctor is anyone’s first priority in health care decisions. Dr. Freeman has made it his life’s work to bring balance and harmony to the faces of his loyal patients. Take a minute to peruse his Curriculum Vitae (his life’s work) on this website. You will be amazed, not only at his experience as a surgeon, but his accomplishments in research. His design and development of procedures like the SOOF eye lift and the endoscopic face lift have taken him around the world to show others how to do what he does. And, you can see exactly why he is THE BEST rhinoplasty surgeon and revision rhinoplasty surgeon, his many awards and commendations prove it.

The Nose Job: taking plastic surgery beyond the cosmetic:
Most patients who consult Dr. Freeman and his staff are considering procedures to address problems caused by aging. Skin loses elasticity and sags, muscles lose strength and stretch, and fat cells seem to collect in groups when they used to spread more evenly. For these patients, many would not have considered plastic surgery in their younger days. It just wasn’t a feasible option for everyday people. Only movie stars and accident victims had access to quality facial plastic surgery. Maybe it was football that changed the way we think about facial plastic surgery.

By 1988, when Dr. Freeman’s life work began, football was more popular than ever, yet safety took longer to catch up. As we watched interviews with our favorite players, we saw noses that looked as if they had been in a blender! For the athletes, it was part of the game, until plastic surgery not only offered a better-looking nose, it offered a better-working nose. A smashed nose doesn’t breathe well which opens the door to a myriad of health issues. After that, plastic surgery enjoyed the respect it deserved.

As Ms. Lainy Wick wisely said, “IT’S MY FACE!” She had been advised to go cheaper but chose quality instead. Read the testimonials of real patients like Ms. Wick who want others to enjoy their new faces and feel safe in a doctor’s hands. Check out those Before and After pictures! Ms. Wick reminds us that the face is usually what the world sees first. Our lips show the world our moods, a smile for happy, a smirk for playfulness, and a frown for sadness. Our eyes show the world our deeper selves, the real person behind the face. What does your face say to the world?

Only Faces, Only the Best Care
A nose job is one of the most common cosmetic facial surgeries performed today. Because the nose is such a prominent feature on a face, it is highly noticeable, and helps take the brunt of any blow to the face (as our football heroes can tell you). After a lifetime on the front lines of your face, it may need some TLC to keep it healthy! Dr. Freeman, the top rhinoplasty surgeon in the Southeast, has performed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures, improving the health (and self-esteem) of so many!
Why choose Dr. Freeman and his staff at Only Faces of Charlotte? He is the most experienced nose job surgeon in the Southeast. Contact the office today to schedule a consultation.