Do you need rhinoplasty, and do you think you are a good candidate?

Nose job operations are one of the most common procedures a plastic surgeon performs. This will improve the size and shape to something that is more streamlined and suited to the rest of your face.

Additionally, these problems can help to breathe in some patients.

If you have any of the following symptoms, then you are a good client to visit Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon:

  • A nose which is too wide and/ or large
  • Your nose tip droops
  • A nose which has been previously broken
  • A deviated septum
  • A bump on the bridge of the nose
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What are the requirements to meet teen rhinoplasty surgeons?

The first thing would be a consultation with a top facial plastic surgeon. They will then run through the criteria you need to meet before proceeding.

  • Are you healthy with no serious medical illnesses or conditions
  • Are you a patient who doesn’t smoke, or can you stop smoking for a given amount of time?
  • Do you have realistic aesthetic goals?

As you can see, the criteria are not hard to meet, but between the Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeon and the patient, they will talk about the procedure, and if it is the correct course to follow.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon puts patients at ease

One of the first things a good nose job surgeon will point out is that there might be other facial work which needs doing, and not only the rhinoplasty operation. These are often coupled with another facelift procedure to balance the features of the face.

At this point, the surgeon would also run through the operating procedure, and explain what the patient can expect before, during and after.

Charlotte NC Rhinoplasty operations

At this stage, the patient would now know the extent of what will happen when they are scheduled in for their nose surgery.

Here’s a quick overview of what patients would be told about the whole process of having a nose job and/ or other facelift surgery.

  • Depending on complexity, the nose surgery can last between 3 – 5 hours. This will vary if additional face surgery is needed.
  • No pain is felt as all patients are under anesthetic
  • There will be some bruising and swelling once the procedure is over
  • Recovery time can take up to 14 days, but some patients can get back to normal after one week
  • Scars will be hidden as best as possible and will be either inside the nose or under the tip,so they are concealed.

Schedule an appointment with your local Charlotte NC rhinoplasty expert

As you can see from above, the entire procedure is quick and painless, but it can be life changing for the patients. There is no need for any patient to worry when they are in the hands of Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty surgeon. If you are sure you want to go ahead and get a nose job for whatever reason. There is no need to delay, and you can get the ball rolling by contacting Only Faces or Dr. Freeman, and you can get yourself booked in for your initial consultation. You can then find out for once and for all if you are a good candidate for a discreet nose job operation.