Get your husband a nose job for an anniversary present


A nose job makes a great anniversary present!

If you want to know what to get your man for anniversary present, you might think about asking if he’s interested in a nose job. A lot of men have broken noses from childhood fights, bike accidents or football games. Men might have the idea that they’re not supposed to complain about their looks, but if you offer to pay to have that little dent in his nose fixed, he might be interested. Especially if he’s got a deviated septum that’s causing snoring and the occasional sinus infection.


Still, it’s better if you talk with him rather than surprise him with this. We’re talking about making a change to his face, and that’s never a small thing. He needs to have a chance to talk with the surgeon and discuss what he hopes to get from the nose job. There’s also a certain amount of time he’ll need to prepare. If he smokes, he’ll have to stop for at least a few weeks before. He’ll also have to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and any herbal supplements that thin the blood. And then, of course, there’s the recovery period, when you’ll need to make sure he treats himself and his face with tender loving care. These are all things you need to keep in mind when deciding what to get your man for anniversary present.


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