I need a nose job for my big nose, so I’m going to get one in Charlotte NC.


I need a nose job for my big nose

I live in Charlotte NC, and I need a nose job for my big nose. Seriously. I look like Adrien Brody’s ugly sister. I’ve heard that sometimes a weak chin can make your nose look bigger, but I checked with a facial plastic surgeon, and he confirmed that I need a nose job for my big nose.


Of course, I’ll want it done by the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC, one with certification from a board of surgery, years of experience and a substantial gallery of before and after photographs of nose jobs. I’m told that a good surgeon should keep up with new technology and have a state-of-the-art suite for operations, plus a computer with imaging software to create three-dimensional models of the patient’s face. This way I can see what my new nose is going to look like and offer my own opinion. I’m looking at customer testimonials on RealSelf.com.


For two weeks before the surgery, I’m going to stop smoking and taking aspirin or ibuprofen. After the surgery, I’m going to try to avoid strenous exercise, breathe through your mouth as much as I can, and not blow my nose. I’m going to leave my reading glasses off for the next month. I’m told there’ll be some swelling and bruising, and that the bruising should fade within a week to ten days, but the swelling can last for several weeks.


Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Dr. Sean Freeman is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC. He has been certified by two different surgery boards, the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has devoted himself to facial plastic surgery, including nose jobs, since 1988. Many of his patients have already gotten nose jobs from other surgeons and come to him for revision rhinoplasty to get the results they really wanted. If you live in or near Charlotte NC and have ever said to yourself “I need a nose job for my big nose,” schedule your appointment or online consultation today.