Neck lift procedure can help patients look younger 

Neck lift procedure is a way to help Charlotte, NC patients look younger and feel more confident. As people age, many begin to notice trouble areas in the neck and lower face crop up. Excess skin can lead to wrinkles on the neck or the formation of jowls by the cheeks. Fat deposits may develop under the chin as well which can lead to what is sometimes referred to as a turkey waddle.   

All of these issues can leave patients feeling self conscious about their appearance. Neck lift procedure helps eliminate these flaws and improve patient’s confidence. The procedure aims to give patients a smoother neck that still looks natural.  

Patients will start off with a consultation 

Before scheduling surgery, patients must have an initial consultation with the surgeon. This consultation serves many different purposes. First, it is a great way for patients to see if they feel comfortable with their doctor. If you don’t, you may need to keep looking.   

Second, the doctor will do an evaluation of you. They will discuss what you want to accomplish with the neck lift procedure, then examine the skin of your neck for elasticity, thickness, and texture.  They will then be able to discuss the procedure with you and what you can expect from it.   

The doctor will make an incision around the ear 

For this procedure, the doctor will first make an incision around the ear. They will then continue this incision around the earlobe and into the hairline. The doctor will then tighten or remove the weakened neck muscles and remove the excess skin. If fat deposits have developed under the chin, the doctor may make a small incision under the chin and liposuction the fat out.  

It can take up to six months for patients to fully heal 

Following neck lift procedure, patients will have a bandage around their neck and lower face. The doctor will be able to advise on how you should care for this area to ensure a smooth recovery. Most patients are able to return to work and activities within ten to 14 days after surgery but should plan to stay home to rest and elevate their head for a week or so after the surgery.   

Lastly, patients should be careful not to overtax the neck after a neck lift procedure. Be sure to limit the amount of twisting and bending of the neck you do until the doctor removes restrictions. As always, be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully to ensure you get the best results possible.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

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