How a neck lift gave me years of youth

How a neck lift gave me years of youth
This is how a neck lift gave me years of youth. I’m in my fifties and like to think I look about forty… from the mouth upwards, anyway. From the chin down, for a while it was a different story. Of all the signs of advancing age, folds of skin hanging under the jaw have to be the most obvious and least appealing. Gray hair looks distinguished, crow’s feet around the eyes can give an impression of seriousness, my father’s laugh lines at least make him look jolly… but those expletive-deleted turkey wattles are just an embarrassment.

The surgeon looked over the skin under my chin to see how thick and stretchy it was. He made a cut around the ear and in the hairline so the skin could be pulled back. The surgeon also had to make an incision under the chin and work with the muscle and fatty tissue of the neck in order (While I was at it, I decided some filler treatments for those crow’s feet would add to the effect.)

Once I’d recovered — this took a couple weeks — the difference was amazing. Suddenly I had the jawline I had when I was thirty. My wife, who’d spent the past six months assuring me she didn’t care one way or the other, was suddenly like “HELLO, honey.” And that’s how a neck lift gave me years of youth.

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