Male plastic surgery information and popular procedures in Charlotte, NC and the United States.

Men may undergo plastic surgery for many different reasons
Male plastic surgery is an option for Charlotte, NC men who want to improve the way they look. Male plastic surgery is slowly increasing in popularity as more men start to feel the same pressure as women to look their best. Though many times older men are seen as distinguished looking, some may wish to treat problem areas that develop as they age so they can look their best. They may also under surgery to help treat medical issues such as vision issues due to droopy eyelids and breathing problems stemming from a deviated septum.

Three of the to five male plastic surgery procedures are facial surgeries
Often, men will have surgery on their face as they age. Of the top five most popular plastic surgery procedures for men in 2016, three fall into the facial plastic surgery realm. Facelifts came in at number five, eyelid surgery sits at number two, with nose reshaping sitting at number one. These procedures can correct many issues many men experience.

Facelifts can help tighten the face which can help with jowls that form as men age or sagging skin. Many men may often find their eyelids start to get heavy and droop down in front of their eyes or fat starts to deposit under the eye leaving patients with puffiness under the eye. Eyelid surgery can correct these issues and often restore any vision that was affected. Lastly, nose reshaping can help correct problems that left the nose damaged from sports injuries.

There are some things male patients should consider before having plastic surgery
One of the benefits of many types of procedures is that scarring can be easily hidden with makeup or by hair, hiding signs any work has been done at all. Unfortunately, male plastic surgery can be a bit harder to hide or disguise since it is somewhat more difficult to hide scars from the incisions on men. However, if this is something you are concerned about, be sure to visit with your surgeon. They may be able to offer suggestions on how to help your scar blend in or alternative treatments that won’t leave visible scars.

Some surgeries can also be riskier for men than women due to body composition differences. For example, men often have a richer blood supply in the face and may bleed more during surgery. However, a skilled facial plastic surgeon should be prepared for this and be able to discuss any risks with you before surgery.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC residents who want to know more about male plastic surgery on the face should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and is double board certified. To learn more about what procedure may be right for you, what you should expect from your procedure and more, contact his office to schedule your consultation.