Male nose job information and what you should expect to spend on a nose job in Charlotte, NC

Plastic surgery for men is becoming more popular
Male nose job is becoming more and more popular in Charlotte, NC, and the United States. As a whole, plastic surgery for men is becoming more popular. Though the majority of cosmetic procedures are still done on females, men are starting to turn to surgery more and more to help fight signs of aging.

Per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nose reshaping was the most popular plastic surgery for men in 2016.

Men may have a male nose job for many reasons. One big reason is to correct issues such as a crooked nose that stem from an injury of some kind. They may also have the procedure to correct a deviated septum which can cause breathing issues in patients. Lastly, patients may have the procedure simply to correct a perceived flaw. Since a strong profile and nose are signs of attractiveness in males, some may wish to have a male nose job to feel better about their looks.

Men and women have different skin types which means surgery will be different between the two
As with any surgery, you want to be sure you have the best surgeon possible. However, it is of particular importance to have an experienced surgeon perform your male nose job. Women and men have different types of skin with men having thicker skin, which can impact the nuisance of surgery. It is important the doctor knows how to make small changes that can make a nose more masculine looking if needed as well. One nose job does not fit all, so finding the best surgeon is a good way to ensure you are happy with your results.

Most nose jobs are not covered by insurance
Many patients want to know the cost of a male nose job before committing to surgery so they can plan and save. Your doctor should be able to give you a price following a consultation and examination. However, be aware there is usually a cost for a consultation which is a separate charge.

Insurance typically does not cover the cost of a nose job if it is done for cosmetic purposes. They may, however, help cover the cost if it is done for medical reasons such as correcting a deviated septum. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier to see if your procedure is covered or not before surgery.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman, is the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and has devoted his practice exclusively to facial plastic surgery since 1988. Dr. Freeman is also double board certified. Dr. Freeman has a vast amount of experience in male rhinoplasty procedures and rhinoplasties in general. Be sure to visit photo gallery to see before and after pictures of some of his patients. To learn more, or to see how he can help you, schedule a consultation today.