Make me look younger is a goal of many Charlotte, NC residents, discover cosmetic surgery options to help leave you look younger.

Cosmetic plastic surgery can help patients whose request is to make me look younger
Make me look younger is a common request of Charlotte, NC patients who are considering plastic surgery. Cosmetic plastic surgery can be done for a variety of reasons, one of the top reasons is to help patients fight signs of aging and look younger. Cosmetic plastic surgery can also correct perceived flaws a person has on their face and help people feel better about their appearance.

Though many people may feel these types of procedures are only for older people, or the rich and famous, that is not the case. Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly common among women and men. If you want to know how a doctor can help make me look younger, be sure to schedule a consultation.

Temporary options can help patients look younger quickly
Patients who are looking at options to reduce the signs of aging, but are younger or maybe aren’t ready to commit to a full surgery may find temporary treatments appealing. These treatment options include things like BOTOX and other fillers to help rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They typically offer fast results and a quick recovery period. Though, as their name implies, they do not last forever, and additional treatments would be needed to maintain the results.

Those these may appear to younger patients, that’s not to say older patients won’t benefit from fillers as well. Your doctor will be able to advise which would work best for you.

Surgical options can do a lot to help make me look younger
Some patients may be interested in surgical options when they ask a doctor to make me look younger. Facelifts, eye lifts, and more can all help lift the skin back to its original place, remove excess and saggy skin, and smooth out wrinkles. This can help recontour the face which can leave patients looking younger and more refreshed.

These options are longer lasting then fillers, but they also require longer recovery times. Be sure to discuss recovery before surgery so you are prepared for time off work and have someone available to help you as needed.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Charlotte, NC patients who want to know how a doctor can make me look younger, should schedule a consultation with an experienced surgeon. They will discuss your goals with you, do an examination and create a plan to help you achieve those goals and look your best.

Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and has focused exclusively on the specialty since 1988. He is also double board certified and works to develop new techniques that give patients better results. Be sure to schedule a consultation with him today and ask how he can make me look younger.