Lower lid “SOOF” lift blepharoplasty seeks to eliminate bags under the eyes

Lower lid “SOOF” lift blepharoplasty expert in Charlotte is mostly done to deal with eyelids drooping downwards. Bags under the eyes take away the youthful appeal from a patient’s face, which the experts seek to restore.

The changes experienced in the body can be unimpressive, prompting one to yearn for some changes. There are several causes of bags under the eyes, primarily from weakening muscles supporting the eyelids. The different tissue structures can start to sag, and the fat around the eye moves to the saggy area, causing a significant difference. You may also notice that the space left under the eye gathers fluids and can look swollen or puffy. You must see a blepharoplasty expert to take care of your needs.

Some of the common causes of bags under the eyes are;

Aging – The most common cause of bags under the eyes is aging. As we age, the skin starts becoming too lax and will mostly wrinkle or fall off. The tissues around the eyes will weaken, some of which include muscles supporting the eyelid. This is attributed to low-fat padding content under the eyes and collagen, a major connective component for tissues. The effect is that such muscles and tissues lose elasticity and tone.

Lack of sleep – sleep deprivation can cause dark circles under the eyes and result in bags under the eyes. Most of this is affiliated with dilating the blood vessels under the eye. In addition, the extra weight will cause the eyes to look droopy.

Smoking – Smoking depletes the Vitamin C stored in the body. As a result, you lack collagen, that’s vital for tightening the skin. This is why most smokers will deal with issues like discoloration of the skin, dark circles, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes.

Genetics – For some people, their bags under the eyes problems are genetic. It means that they have more prominent bags inherited from their family members.

Medical condition – Conditions like dermatitis, renal disease, thyroid eye disease, and dermatomyositis cause bags under the eyes.

Fluid retention – when the muscles around the eyes start to age, they leave spaces that, if occupied with fluids, can cause the sagging. Fluids like tears and water can accumulate in such spaces.

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